Galtier : Ney-Bappe relationship is excellent

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Christoph Galtier, Paris Saint-Germain coach Confirms that the relationship between Kylian Mbappe and Neymar is good.

         Last month’s clash between the pair vying for a penalty shoot-out in the winning game. Montpellier’s 5-2 has become a subject of widespread debate, with club director Luis Campos having to clear the matter himself. And most recently, Mbappe’s refusal to pass on to Neymar. Who was in the open in the Champions League home win over Juventus.

         Recently, Galtier confirmed that the relationship between the two is going well. And confirm that there was no discord at all ufabet.

         “The relationship between Kylian and Ney has been good,” said Galtier. They tend to stay warm up.”

         As for not passing the ball to each other, Galtier thinks Mbappe may not see Neymar, saying: “Yes, there are situations in the game. There are two periods in motion. The first time with the acceleration it might have made the pass a bit difficult and the second time Kylian made the difference. Goes into the penalty area and doesn’t see Nay.”

         “When you watch the video everything looks simple But you have two seconds to decide and Kylian focuses on the ball. I believe he will assist Ney in the future and on the other hand. I don’t feel anything negative about that play.”